Spinning a baby

Thank you all for your many comments and stories regarding C- sections. I've got to be honest, some of y'all scared me a little bit! haha! I had previously heard that if you had a really rough recovery with a 1st delivery, that a C-section is a piece of cake in comparison. After reading all of those comments, I'm not sure that will be the case! With Keating I had a lovely 3rd degree episiotomy, so it was a verrrry long recovery. I guess it comes down to the preference of what area you would rather all stitched up? At this point, I am fine with whatever method I have to go through... really what choice do I have? As long as he is delivered safely, that is what matters.

I know there is still time for him to flip around, so I'm just waiting to see what happens. I have been doing a few of the exercises from spinningbabies.com to see if will help A. to turn. He has been breech close to half of my pregnancy, so we will see if the exercises work. I do know one thing, lying upside down on an ironing board nearly 36 weeks pregnant is not a flattering position. I thought of posting my picture just for laughs, but it was too bad to even keep it in my phone! Keating on the other hand thought the he would give it a try. He looks much cuter than I do doing it anyhow. (Yes, I need a new ironing board cover)
To explain the process to anyone who may be confused... the point of the exercise is to lay inverted so that the muscles and uterus have a chance to stretch out and hang. Hanging uterus sounds sexy right?? You can only do this portion or you can add to it with a hot/ cold combination. With the hot/ cold process you place something cold behind where the baby's head is, and something warm into the direction you want for them to move to. Archer doesn't react to this part at all, so I'm not sure that it is working.
Keating doesn't really understand why I am lying there, but he takes it as a time to use me as a jungle gym and climb over and under me. The other day during the process he managed to spill a red popsicle all over the floor. (Yes, I was the idiot that gave my two year old a red popsicle in the house) After I was able to get my very pregnant self down to clean it up, and get back to a flattering inclined position, I was sprayed in the face with the carpet cleaner. There is never a dull moment in my house. Never.
I go back to the Dr. next week and I will see what the verdict is. Either way, we will need to know something somewhat soon since I went into labor with Keating 2 weeks early. I like having a plan of action in place, who doesn't.
Hopefully the rain we are getting today will clear out all of the pollen that is torturing so many of us! Have a great weekend!


  1. I had a c section and it wasn't that bad after he first 4 days. The first morning home is tough but you will be fine! Just keep K from jumping on your belly! I was able to stop taking pain mods early. It's going to feel like NOTHING compared to a teAr.. Down ther... Ouch

  2. I hope he flips around but IMO csection was cake after a vaginal delivery the first time. I had an episiotemy and my daughter was still sucked out with the vaccuum because her head was so wide.....causing me permanent nerve damage which sux becuase to this day when I pee I feel like someone kicked me in the crotch ....good times right?!?!? Anywho .....so with my second from the very beginning the doc said to avoid any further damage I want you to have a csection .....and my son ended up being a lb bigger that my daughter. The only bad aprt of the csection was really the first 2 days because visitors kept making me laugh which was excrutiating.....after that it was fine .....and at least I didn't feel like a nuclear bomd went off down below...hahahah

  3. I've had 2 c-sections; with my 2nd one just happening 3 weeks ago :)

    They were both 2 completely different experiences as my labor was so different with both. The recovery for both was the roughest on day 2. Not going to lie, straight painful. But, with each day it got easier and easier. Now, being 3 weeks out, I feel 95% back to normal.

  4. I did not read your previous comments, but I've had two csections and I have no complaints. Sure the first day isn't a blast, but the meds in the spinal are time released and keep you very comfortable for about 36 hours. After that you may need regular meds for another few days. With my second, I felt awesome within four days. Honest! My incision was sealed with glue instead of staples and I highly recommend it. Much easier, less painful recovery. The best thing about a csection is you feel completely back to normal so quickly. I have friends who have had difficult vaginal deliveries be in misery with tears, hemmoroids, etc. for months and months. The only longer term negative with the csection is you will have some residual numbness around the scar for a few months, but this is just a nuisance, not painful. Good luck either way you go. A healthy baby is what is important in the end. My first was breech and I opted to not have the version. The thought of it scared the daylights out of me!

  5. Another vote for c-section recovery not being so bad - my advice if you have to go that route would be to get up and walk around as soon as possible. I had my c-section on a friday night and sunday morning I was walking the halls. 2 weeks after delivery I was pretty much back to normal. Good luck!

  6. You will be fine! As speaking from experience of a massive tummy tuck! Don't worry!

  7. I had a c section after 37 hours of labor and it was awful. I know someone who said her 3 were easy. The pain was minimal. If that's the case, good for her, but all I know is it was a long, painful road for me. Your body doesn't return to normal for a long time. Your incisions may be healed, but there's a lot of rebuilding of the muscles and so on. There are still some things I'm not able to do physically when I'm working out based on how everything works now. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't had to deal with a failed epidural during my 37 hours. Maybe if my spinal hadn't failed in the OR. Maybe if I hadn't felt them cut me open and then put me to sleep without telling me. I missed the birth of my son, my first child. I was not present for an experience I dreamed about for years and maybe that's why the whole thing seemed so bad to me.

  8. Wishing you good luck! Whether you are lucky enough for him to turn on his own, or you do have to go with the C-Section, I do know that you will handle this birth wonderfully. I can't wait to hear that little Archer has arrived!!


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