May House Updates

Well, I can't believe that it is already the end of May! This month flew by and life has been busy. But, that's life! For starters, I have these two trouble makers on my hands. From 5:30 until my head hits the pillow, one of both of them is fighting for my attention or needing constant entertainment. Keating has learned to climb on everything that is dangerous, and digging through anything that is not child proofed. He is a scavenger and can find things you never knew you had! I should give him a list of things that are missing so that he can be on the look out! Here's Lola enjoying Blue's baby pool. She appreciates it way more than he does!

The house progress is moving slowly but surely. We took on way more than we originally planned, and came across hold ups with old plumbing and electricity that had to be replaced. We are hoping to be moving in sometime in early June, but I am thinking it will be late June.

Sorry for the Iphone photos.

Here is the living room with the first coat of new paint {SW Agreeable gray} and new can lights. We took down the old light fixtures and these beams will be cased out to look like old barn wood beams. The fireplace will also be painted a lighter color. We are doing our best to combine Brad's and my style to make it a home we both appreciate. Barn wood = Brad, Gray paint and white trim = me. New lights and windows really brighten up this space!

Here is the hall bath with a new bigger/ nicer window, new trim, and no old weird mirror. Even though this room is far from being finished, I already think the tile looks better without as much sea foam green in there.

This is the guest room, It is hard to see from the photo, but the color is a nice blue grey. I cant remember the name off of the top of my head. Brad "thinks" the color is turquoise... I swear that man is color blind.

Here are the new doors to our master bedroom. This wall used to have a hall closet and one master door to it. The old closet area is now added to the master for extra room.

Here is our master bath and closet addition so far. The contractors are currently waiting for the inspectors to give it the go before they can drywall everything in. The doorway to the left of the photo will be the closet. The one to the right of it goes to the bathroom. Both of these will be sliding barn doors. I. CANT. WAIT.

The future shower to the right. To the left will be the tub. Over the tub will be a nice big window to let in a lot of natural light.

And here is the vanity and toliet. You can kind of get a better peek of the master from this angle.

And just for comparison purposes, here is Keating's room in the early progress.

Here it is mostly finished minus carpet. The color is not nearly this dark or brown as seen in the photo. I used Sherwin Williams Relaxed Khaki. It really is amazing what paint will do for a space! You can also see the nice new trim, smooth ceilings, and new floor boards. His room will also have a wall of chalkboard paint{not yet painted}, but for some reason that photo wont upload.

So there ya have it. That's where we're currently at. I am hoping the final leg moves a lot faster because I am so ready to have my own house again. I'm ready to decorate, and cook dinner, garden, and have friends over. I also have so many projects in mind that my head is swimming with them! Since the chances of me blogging again before the weekend are slim, I wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!


Bad haircuts and broken bubble mowers

I realize that I haven't given any real updates about Keating since I stopped his monthly posts. Life just flies by too fast... how do I have a 15 month old!? Last week Blue's hair was getting a little long over the ears, so I decided to give him a quick trim like I did a few months back. I always cut Brad's hair, so this is no biggie, just a little more complicated. Blue cries and flails about while I am attempting to cut his, this reaction has not gotten better over time. Well, I grabbed a 5 guard thinking that was the length I used last time, and started in the front. BIG MISTAKE. {note to self, dont ever start cutting hair in the front!} At that point, it was too late and we had to just run with it. All in all, it doesn't look awful, just much shorter than I anticipated. It definitely is growing in much blonder than it used to be. I just hope it grows out before my sisters wedding next month!

Keating is a true boy in every sense of the word. He enjoys things like dirt, sticks, tractors, bats, balls, mud, tools, trucks, cars... so it came as no surprise that he would like his bubble mower. The mower was having a little trouble cutting grass producing bubbles, so he and his Gpaw decided to do a little work on it.

Keating is now talking up a storm, which is a good and bad thing. The good is that he can now say things he wants which equals not as much whining. Can I get an Amen?! But the bad is that he likes to copy things he shouldn't repeat... We definitely have to watch what we say around him now.

So this is where I get to brag on my kid and say how smart he is. =)
If asked, he can show you his feet, toes, hands, fingers, belly button, head, hair, tongue, eyes, mouth, ears, nose, and his manhood... Nice. Typical male.

He can say...
snack, ball, no no, dip it{when he wants to dip his food in ketchup or ranch},belly button, all wet{usually comes after playing in the dog water}, a mess, thank you, all done, bubble, stick, pretty, hair, hey, hello, kisses, bye bye, mama, dada, nose, eyes, truck, moo, woof woof, outside, remote, all four of the dogs names, and stinky. I'm sure there are more that I am forgetting. Of course all of these words are his own interpretation of them, but they are always consistent and now we know what he is talking about. Sweet relief!

He is quite the talker, I can't imagine where he gets that from. One phrase we can't figure out is "a ha ball" Obviously we know what ball is, but no clue about "a ha" This gets repeated 100's of times a day. He is ob-sessed with balls.

He is at such a fun age, we are really enjoying all of the interaction and personality. Such as batting his eyes and flirting with random strangers at the grocery store. His other new trick is stomping his feet or getting completely rigid and arching his back when he doesn't get his way. Ahh the joys of entering toddlerhood!


Blue's First Fish Fry

This post is a little delayed. Easter weekend was very low key for us. We stayed around the house, frying fish, hunting Easter eggs, and we went to church. This was the first time that Blue had ever had fried fish, I'm not sure if he was more impressed with the fish or the ketchup. Once again, the awesome 80's high chair making its appearance.

When did my baby get so big that he can feed himself with a fork? He is not very clean, but he manages to get some of the food in his mouth.

His new favorite phrase is "dip it" He loves to dip his food in ranch, blue cheese, ketchup or sour cream. I had to get him that little plate for his "dip it" because everything he eats is now dipped. I guess its better than him being a really picky eater.
And just to prove to you that my kid isn't always a dirty little boy... here he is all dressed up in his seersucker thinking "Wow, my mom is hilarious!"

My two handsome boys. {No Brad didn't wear his hat to church, this is before we went to lunch at his Aunt's house}
This is probably one of the only good photos I have of us together over the last few months... notice he is being restrained though!

I can hardly get him to sit still long enough to take a photo alone, that is why he is in the swing... because he cant get down! Such a serious little man.

"I'm so over this"
I had to change him into his play clothes before he could hunt eggs because he has a tendency to find the dirtiest place in the yard to play. I was quite surprised at how great he was at egg hunting. I am pretty confident it is because he has an obsession with balls, and eggs looked like balls to him. I'm also pretty confident that there is a "That's what she said" joke somewhere in the last sentence but I am going to leave it alone.

We did actually hide the eggs, this was just after my niece discarded her overflowing basket, he went in to pick up the scraps.


House Updates!

I FINALLY have new renovation pictures to share! If you are new around here then you can see before photos here, be warned, it was a little scary. Please come in, just make sure you wash your hands in the random sink on the porch first. This is our new front door. It won't stay this color, we are waiting for the outside of the house to be painted. It also has a little craftsman style shelf that goes under the window giving it a more custom look. Last time you saw the house, the photos showed a lot of paneling and starburst ceilings. Brad tried sanding the ceilings with a ceiling sander and it was a wasted effort, they weren't budging. Instead, we chose to replace them with new sheet rock. While we Brad was at it, he ripped down the old paneling on the walls and had it replaced with sheet rock as well. I know that some houses look great with painted paneling, but since ours only went half way up on the wall the fireplace sits on, {See below, I don't have an updated photo} it really bugged me. Out it went. Here is a view from the front door looking in. The new lights make such a difference as do the new openings in the dividing wall. If you can tell from the picture, we have replaced all of the windows to a less 1970's version and more energy efficient. They let so much more light in, its amazing how much bigger everything looks with proper lighting. The long skinny hallway doesn't even look as narrow with recessed lighting and no paneling. A view of the nice open space.
This is Keating's future room, which was in serious need of repair in case you can't tell by the amount of sheetrock mudding on the walls... The ceiling also had water damage, so I am glad that we decided to include new flat ceilings in the renovation. The bedrooms also got recessed lighting and new windows. The room looks HUGE with all of the daylight. Here is a little memory refresher of our master bedroom... Isn't she a beaut? Here is the master in its current state. Is it bad that I would rather live in this half finished room than the before?? We added the window on the left hand wall {Which may or may not be bad placement depending on how big our new headboard is... oops} We raised the ceiling to a trey ceiling and added can lights. The boarded up window is where our bathroom addition is going. The addition has been framed out and is looking great! I just dont have any photos of it yet. To those that have asked, no we haven't painted yet =) But hopefully that will be happening in the next few weeks. I also finally chose paint colors and have forbidden myself to look at any new ones that may change my mind. I am easily impressionable and I just need to leave well enough alone!


April Wedding Showers

Sorry for the lack of posting, life has just been flying by. In my spare time I have been getting ready for my sister's wedding shower that I was co-hosting this past Saturday. I hosted the shower with my mom's best friend, my aunt, cousin and sister in law.

The blushing bride and Me... She really is a lot taller than me

{My sister, me and my cousin}
We wanted to make sure that the shower was really special for Hannah. I wanted to be sure that we included all of her favorite things. We started out with a sherbert champagne punch, because what is a wedding shower with out champagne punch!? In case you are wondering it is a scoop of raspberry sherbert, a spash of cran/raspberry juice and champagne. They go down quite nicely!

They also look really pretty too!
We like to keep it classy with the Andre champagne!

Hannah also happens to LOVE biscuits, so I included a "Biscuit Bar". I used frozen Pillsbury biscuits and then guests were able to dress them up with homemade butters and jams. The Lemon Butter was a favorite and so easy! I will share the recipe later if anyone is interested.
We also had cinnamon honey butter, blackberry butter, and homemade pepper jelly from my mom's garden.
My Aunt and cousin Kendall brought this gorgeous cake all the way from our favorite bakery in Louisiana. They froze it to get it here safely and then Kendall dressed it up with flowers. The girl could seriously be a florist.
My Aunt put together all of the gorgeous floral arrangements. She used hydrangeas in blue and white, little purple flowers that I do not know the name of, and white roses. They turned out so pretty!
We also had freshly grown purple irises straight from the garden.
Karen, {my mom's best friend}, is an amazing baker. She made mini cupcakes in three different flavors. Homemade Red velvet with cream cheese butter cream, yellow cake with chocolate butter cream, and yellow cake with caramel and pecans on top. They were incredible. I only ate one... okay fine I cannot tell a lie... I had a lot more than one!
Karen got a little cupcake happy, they were everywhere!

Wedding showers and gifts are nice, but I think it is still important to remember the reason for the festivities. I asked Han's fiance if he would mind writing a little note that I could display at her shower. Just something nice that would make her smile... He went above and beyond with his letter.She was so surprised that she cried when she read it. It was really sweet.
This photo is a little random, but I wanted to include my pretty tissue paper flowers. I thought they were a nice spin on the tissue paper balls that you always see.

We had a cute little helper "helping" us set up. I took my eye off of him for a minute and then found him playing in a puddle of water underneath the water cooler saying "OH NO, WET!" and splashing his hands in it. He was just not a fan of the girly shower things, he also wasn't in the mood for any kisses. He is all boy!
He just anxiously awaited for his G-Paw to come and pick him up! Such a sweet boy.

Not to toot my own horn, but I am pretty convinced that it was one of the prettiest wedding showers I have ever been to. =)
OH! And I almost forgot to mention, we ended the shower with Root Beer/Coke Floats in Mason Jars. I love Root Beer floats so much, I just had to include them! It was a nice way to thank everyone for coming.