Two Thousand Ten Start to End

I cant believe that 2010 has already come to a close. I can say without a doubt that it has been the greatest year of my life to date. Looking back over our photos and compiling this post I realized just how much has changed over the course of a year.

Here it goes...

In January I finished up the rest of the nursery. Making curtains, painting trim, and hanging pictures to make the room perfect! Lola was pretty fond of Keating's nursery too.

I also had my final baby shower hosted by my friends Missy and Michelle.

I also bugged my friend Mrs. Foreste with lots of baby questions, and we went out on a double date {Which our husbands thought was really weird since we became friends via internet}

February rolled around and I was READY to have a baby. I posed with my last food item at 39 weeks and was on my way! Add Image

I did everything humanly possible to induce labor including eating eggplant parm, jumping jacks, pressure points, lots of walking, etc. After much inducing, I decided to stop and play it safe because a snow storm began.... and of course I actually went into labor that night!

Keating Bradford was born on February 13, 2010

The whole family was THRILLED!

and the grandparents were proud

an hour later, my sister got engaged in Savannah, Georgia! February 13th was one busy day for our family.

In March Keating attended his very first wedding dressed in a very tiny shirt and tie!

I also made him sleep naked so that I could take sweet baby pictures of him!

I cant believe how small he was, those are preemie clothes.

He also dressed up for his first St. Patty's day

In April he saw the Easter bunny

Slept through the "Taste of Marietta"

and made his very first trip to Athens for his Auntie's birthday

May was a busy month! Keating spent a lot more time in the baby bjorn because he insisted on always being held.

He made another trip to Athens for my sister's graduation, where he passed out on the booth in a bar. Those were the days when he would sleep anywhere. {Yes, I had my baby in a BAR! But it was during the day and no one was hardly there}

We also made a girls trip to the beach. My mom, sister, Blue and me enjoyed a few days in Destin. Well, Keating didn't enjoy much, he screamed most of the time.

June was a month for new things. Keating began eating cereal and also started getting formula. {In case you care}

We made another trip to the beach, this time was Hilton Head.

The only way to keep him happy was to swing on the beach. Must be nice to pass out swinging to the crashing waves!

We headed back to Marietta for the Fourth of July. It was so hot out, but despite the scowl on his face, he had a great time! We also rented our house out and moved in with my parents this month. We thought we would only be here a few months... hopefully we will be out in February!

I'm sure he is thinking his mom is nuts.

Hanging out with his cousin Reece.
In August we stayed inside a lot to beat the heat, when we went out it was to go to the pool. We also explored the area around my parents house. Out in the country we took advantage of a few good photo opportunities.

September in the South means SEC FOOTBALL!!!! Although we never made it to a game or a tailgate this season, we watched every weekend and Keating always wore his game day gear.

We also took him to the state fair for the first time.

He liked the view from his G-Paw's shoulders.

October was more "firsts" with Keating's first Halloween. He was a brave little lion that hated wearing fur on his head.

We also ventured to the Georgia Aquarium.. We had never been and thought we should check it out. It was a great time and Keating liked tapping on the glass at the fish. I am sure he will probably enjoy it more when he is older though.

November brought on another road trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We did a lot of people watching and a little bit of hiking. Keating liked the hike because he got to ride in the stroller.
He also got a fancy new pair of shoes!

Its still December so I will just include a few of the pics from the last few posts.

Overall, it has been a fantastic year! I am sure that next year will have just as many surprises and good memories ahead. I can't wait. I am so thankful for my healthy, happy family and my precious "spirited" little boy. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year! See you in 2011!!


Christmas in Photos

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I am still a little bit in denial that it is over already. I have forced myself to stop listening to Christmas Carols, but we are keeping our decorations up until after the New Year.

Having a baby at Christmas changed everything about it. It some how enhanced the meaning for me. I have always celebrated the birth of Christ at Christmas, but something about being a mother, made me really connect with the Nativity story. I have a new appreciation of the many sacrifices that Mary made as well as riding countless miles on a donkey at nine months pregnant!

This year we went along with our normal traditions but tweaked them just a bit. Christmas Eve, Keating and I some how had the house to ourselves so I decided to make sure I had a lot of great photos of him in front of the tree. Sometimes I forget to take photos and I wanted to remember every detail about his first Christmas.

{I really love those overalls, in case you cant tell!}

He was more interested in playing with the dogs and eating my iphone than taking photos... but I think I got a few good ones!

It looks like he is praying, Such a little angel! ;)

Last Spring we went to a festival and had this ornament made, I really cant believe how much his little hand has grown since then! I want to do one every year because it is so sweet.

Christmas Eve we headed out to church. They had all kids come to the sanctuary for the service so needless to say we had our work cut out for us. My dad went to take him walking half way through, and I kept hearing a loud little voice yelling "DA DA DA DA" his favorite phrase. Overall, he was really good.

After church we headed home for Christmas eve dinner with our good friends. Keating was up way past his bedtime, but he loved showing off his new Christmas PJ's. He looked like such a big boy wearing these!

Even though he obviously doesn't understand the concept of Christmas morning, he woke up bright eyed at 6:45 am ready to go. I was surprised that he was actually really into opening gifts. He knew that they were toys for him, and he immediately wanted to check them out.
{sorry for the flashy photos, I really need to buy a good flash}

For months, his GPaw has been scouring Ebay to find vintage Tonka toys for Blue. Here he is checking one of them out!

After opening gifts we headed to my sister in laws house for our annual brunch and to open gifts with them. While we were there, it started SNOWING! We were predicted to get a white Christmas, but I wasn't going to believe it until I saw it!
{Yes my child doesnt have a jacket on, but he was only outside for a second}

These are all before the heavy snowfall, but Keating LOVED playing in the snow!

Such a little dare devil. I'm going to have my work cut out for me!

We didnt have a baby friendly sled, so our redneck laundry basket worked just fine! Lola really wanted to sled too!

Christmas night we had family over for fondue, and played a game called Mexican Train. Have you ever played? It's a ton of fun and gets super competitive. The rest of the night we spent making snowmen and sledding in the snow.

This Christmas will be very hard to top, we had a lot of firsts with a new baby and our first White Christmas ever. I am sad that it flew by so quickly, but we made so many great memories! I am so very blessed and thankful.

I hope everyone else had a very Merry Christmas!!