27 weeks - A week late

* How far along?: 27 weeks
* Total weight gain: probably 9 or 10 pounds after eating lots at Thanksgiving
* How big is baby?: an eggplant! Next week I move on to some sort of squash
* Sex: Baby boy!
* Maternity clothes?: yes and no. I can still wear some normal sized things that are flowy or really long
* Stretch marks?: nope
* Sleep?: Getting up about 4 times a night because Keating is kicking my bladder
* Best moment this week? Funniest moment was when I hadnt felt much movement in a few hours. My dad whistled REALLY LOUD cheering for the UGA vs. GT game. Keating jumped like he was startled, and got very active! My dad can whistle loud enough to wake up a sleeping baby in the womb!
* Movement?: oh yeah! All the time and its constantly getting stronger
* Food cravings?: This week was lemon pie because it was Thanksgiving!
* Labor signs?: nope
* Belly button in or out?: It depends on how he is resting in there, but most of the time I have a little outie now.
* What I miss: Bending over, putting on my shoes easily, sitting up in straight backed chairs
* What I'm looking forward to: Non Baby Related: We are going to see the Radio City Christmas play this week! Baby related: Finishing the bedding!
* Words of Wisdom: I should just do away with this question...

In other news: I finished the bed skirt, I'm a quarter of the way done with the bumpers... I didnt realize how big of a pain these were going to be! I will post pics when I get them!


Must See Christmas Movies!

Well, now that the turkey is behind us, we can get to all of the fun Christmas festivities! One of my most favorite parts of the Christmas season is watching all of my favorite movies. Here are my top picks new and old
Christmas Vacation- What Christmas movie has funnier one liners that never seem to get old? "Look kids! A deer!"
Love Actually- One of my new quirky favorites. I actually hated this movie in the theater but it has grown on me.
Rudolph- A classic
The Family Stone- This movie just makes me want a big family
The Polar Express- The illustration is gorgeous
How the Grinch Stole Christmas - You cant have Christmas without the Grinch!
Charlie Brown Christmas - I love that the big networks still play this eventhough it tells about the true meaning of Christmas.
Elf - Will Ferrel in an Elf suit, priceless
The Holiday - A Christmas chick flick!
Its a Wonderful Life - an all time favorite
A Christmas Story- The most epic of all Christmas movies!

What are your favorite Christmas movies??


Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope y'all have a great turkey day! Currently my pies are chilling in the fridge and my mac N cheese is ready to be popped into the oven! This mac N cheese recipe is seriously the best in the world, and so easy! I will share the recipe one day next week for any other fanatics like me!
I'm sitting here watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade with Lola, and I'm wondering who let all of these "musicians" and "singers" on here? Its simply awful.
Happy Thanksgiving! Gorge yourselves on fatty Thanksgiving food! I will be...Under Doctor's orders, of course! ;)

Dont forget to GIVE THANKS!!!!


Im Thankful!

Im Thankful For...
feeling better today! Thank you Jesus!
For my husband that takes care of me when Im sick and grouchy
My dog that always tries to get in my bed in the middle of the night
Fish Tacos
Visions of Sugar Plum OPI Nail Polish
my wonderful family
Thanksgiving Dinner surrounded by family and friends
my healthy kicking little baby Keating in my belly
sweet tea
Martha Stewart Glitter (LOVE that stuff!)
Edward Cullen
My camera
Hobby Lobby, my home away from home
Ultra Soft Sweaters
my precious niece that always cracks me up
a good bargain
Christmas lights
Friends near and far (the farthest is in Romania doing mission work with her husband. I really admire her!)
My little blog... I love blogging

What are you thankful for?

I may or may not be around tomorrow... So if not, Happy Thanksgiving!
Everyone have a safe turkey day!

Ornament Swap 2nd Chance

Okay, so I dont know what is up with my Mrssouthernbelle email account... but I have recently received a few emails from people saying that they sent emails to be included in the swap. Unfortunately, I never received those.


If you are interested in joining the swap for round two, please comment on this post. Leave your email address and blog address if you have one. The deadline for this sign up is tonight. I will send out an email with swap partners tomorrow (Wed). Due to time limits, it will probably be best if this is a shoppers only category. All of the other rules apply from before.

This is your last chance!


Im here...

I went to the Dr this morning. I apparently have some sort of infection that my lymphnodes are trying hard to fight off. Since the mystery infection isnt visible the Dr cant give me any antibiotics to treat it. He doesnt want to just put me on anything since Im pregnant. Instead he gave me a stronger pain killer and hopefully my body will finally be able to kick this in the next few days.

In the meantime, I've been instructed on Dr' orders to eat a lot and gain weight over Thanksgiving. I think I can handle that. Mac N Cheese and Lemon Ice Box Pie here I come!!!


Crappy Weekend

This is a mopey complaining post... If you dont want to hear it, then just skip this post.
Pregnancy does really weird things to your body. I woke up 5 days ago with a little bit of what I thought was a sore throat in my neck glands. I figured "oh great, Im getting sick" Well that pain has progressively spread up to my ear. I went to my primary care Dr. on friday, and he basically told me that I was pregnant and he didnt feel comfortable treating me. In between text messaging and taking a phone call, he also suggested to refer me to a physical therapist.
I nearly walked out, then said "Do I LOOK like I want to go to a physical therapist??"
I called my OB's office and they told me it sounded like a strained muscle and things to do to help treat it. Well its been 3 days, 3 sleepless nights, and a bottle of Tylenol, and I still feel like crap.
I had plans this weekend... I was going to paint the nursery, put up Christmas decorations, clean the house, and get laundry done. Instead, I have laid around, in pain, feeling horrible.
I really hope this goes away soon...
Off to find my icepack.


Ornament Swap!

Reminder! The email has gone out for the ornament swap. If for some reason you havent gotten it or cannot read the word document, please email me at mrssouthernbelle@gmail.com. If you havent already, please contact your swap partner! Have fun shopping and crafting!


Festive Attire

Christmas cocktail attire is normally one of my favorite things to shop for all year long. I love looking online for cute dresses to wear at Christmas parties, or wearing to plays.

Well I have come to learn, that the Christmas "cocktail" look is not that popular in the maternity crowd. Designers have done a pretty good job at making pregnancy fashionable, but cocktail dresses are not easy to find. So far everything that I like is over $200, which also isnt in my budget. Whats a girl to do?

Here are a few of my pricey inspirational dresses from Isabella Oliver

And some choices from the Women's section from Target. Their maternity dresses kind of look like tents to me.Im thinking a bump could fit into an empire waist, right? For $31.99 these choices seem like a no brainer!!

And add a little fun bling!


Merry Christmas?

So far this "Holiday Season" I have noticed a trend. It seems to me that stores and mass retailers have gone back to thinking the word "Christmas" is not so bad after all.

I remember just last year when "Christmas Trees" became "Holiday Trees" and everything was "Happy Holidays." When did Christmas become politically correct again?
I'm not complaining... because I celebrate Christmas complete with a Christmas Tree, Christmas Lights, Christmas Presents and Christmas Stockings!

Even the store that kicked out the Salvation Army from ringing their little bells, is in on the trend.

Maybe the phrase "Merry Christmas" is cheerful and uplifting, after so many families have had such a tough year?

Here's to hoping that we continue to be Merry!


26 Weeks!

After 6.5 months, finally a little evidence!!

Of course, John Wayne wanted his picture taken too!
* How far along?: 26 weeks
* Total weight gain: about 8 pounds
* How big is baby?: an eggplant! I need to take a new veggie pic!
* Sex: Baby boy!
* Maternity clothes?: yes and no. I love the bella band for letting me wear my normal jeans during pregnancy!
* Stretch marks?: nope
* Sleep?: Pretty decent, I cant complain
* Best moment this week? Popping! I woke up on Saturday morning with a real belly!
* Movement?: oh yeah! All the time and its constantly getting stronger
* Food cravings?: Coke and Raspberry Jello??
* Labor signs?: nope
* Belly button in or out?: Its half way out. Not sure how I feel about this!
* What I miss: Bending over. When I lean forward now, I feel like all of my insides are squished. Sometimes Im getting kicked by Keating because he obviously doesnt like it either.
* What I'm looking forward to: Non Baby Related: Putting up Christmas decortions. Baby related: Getting his room painted. Im such a slacker
* Words of Wisdom: I was told by a few people not to stress out about having a baby. That once he gets here, its natural and you just know what to do. I hope theyre right!!



We had gorgeous weather here over the weekend. I went to our outdoor shopping mall to do a little Christmas shopping and perusing for ideas.

They are smart to play Christmas music this early. It put me in the mood to spend lots of cash that I dont have. Instead I browsed for ideas.

I popped into Pottery Barn for a quick peek... which turned into an hour of touching and inspecting every little thing. I came away with a few ideas that I am going to recreate on a tight budget.

I LOVE mercury glass but its pretty pricey. Not sure how Im going to get the look yet... but Im still contemplating.

After seeing the Polar Express I have a love of sleigh bells. My friend Michelle introduced me to the gorgeous Wallace Bells that come out each season. I started collecting last year. So I only have two, but they are so pretty and festive!

I love the idea of using bells as a vase filler!

I had a gift card and ordered these pretty little hand towels.

Pine cones are such an easy thing to round up in the south. Lola and I are going for a walk to find some today!

As of now, Im trying to hold out on my decorating until after Thanksgiving... but Im not sure if I will make it!



Days until my due date! Thats freaky! I have this list of things that I keep thinking about, such as.
What if he comes early!? ::BREATHE::
I havent even finished any of his room yet!!
Should I start stockpiling diapers now?
Do I REALLY need a child birthing class?
I really should read all of these baby books I bought...
What if our house sells the week I give birth? ::deep breaths::

but mostly...

All joking aside, we are very excited to welcome Keating into the world. I hope he comes in 99 days though, and not before February 7th. If he comes too early then I wont get my fatty aflac maternity check. I cut it a little close with that one!



The past two weekends I had a little photography work to do. Here are a few sneak peaks!!
B wants 4 boys... I dont think I could handle 4 boys! =)

Could you not eat him up??

The little one looks pretty tough with his way bigger brothers behind him!



Christmas Countdown Begins!

43 days...

So I started Christmas shopping a little early this year, and then I fell off the wagon. Thus far, I only have gifts for my niece and my future brother in law. I have always been quite the procrastinator, but I really wanted this year to be different.

Well, it looks as if that isnt going to happen!

What do you get a husband that loves tools and manly stuff, yet doesnt really need anything?
Or a mom that has everything??
How about for a trendy yet picky sister?

Christmas is really about being with those you love and celebrating the day, but I always put so much pressure on myself to pick the perfect gift. Giving gifts makes me happy. I like seeing the recipients face when they open it up.

So my question is... what are some of your most creative gift ideas, your favorite online retailers, etsy sellers, anything you can think of?!

PS! Dont forget about to sign up for the Ornament Swap! Deadline is November 15th!!!
Click here for DETAILS


I want... I NEED!!!!!!!!

A peppermint chocolate milk shake from Chick-Fil-A!! I have been wanting one of these little beauties since last week, and I still havent given in. I think its about time! MMMMmmmm!!!!

Fun baby stuff!!

At the beginning of my pregnancy I began browsing baby stuff and making my opinions of different things. I didnt like anything too cutesy or too babyish.

I fell in love with the patterns from Dwell Studio. They are modern and simple. Sophisticated yet still playful.
How cute is this Chocolate Dots patterned stroller blanket that I found on Vitra?
It looks so soft and cozy. Perfect for a winter baby! Check out their site for other Dwell studio baby gear as well as TONS of other stuff!



25 Weeks!

* How far along?: 25 weeks! I hit the 99 day mark this week! WOW!
* Total weight gain: Im not sure, I go to the dr tomorrow.
* How big is baby?: an eggplant! I need to take a new veggie pic!
* Sex: Baby boy!
* Maternity clothes?: yes and no.
* Stretch marks?: nope
* Sleep?: He is moving at all hours of the night now, sometimes that keeps me up
* Best moment this week? figuring out how he's actually sitting in there. He is sitting sideways facing my left side. He is growing so fast!
* Movement?: oh yeah!
* Food cravings?: a chick fil a mint chocolate shake. I cant have one until tomorrow after my gestational diabetes test, dangit!
* Labor signs?: nope
* Belly button in or out?: Its working its way out. So. Weird.
* What I miss: Dresses not being too short in the front.
* What I'm looking forward to: looking forward to or freaking out about? Having less than 100 days!
* Words of Wisdom: Ive got nothin'


Titan Update ::long::

(He is "helping" me with my post. He isnt supposed to be on the furniture... but Ive been making a few exceptions lately. Shhh!)

After sitting around crying all day on Friday, I decided that I wanted another vets opinion. Since my normal vet didnt do Titans xrays, I wanted to speak with her about our options. She was very honest and upfront, and did give us a little glimmer of hope.

To sum it all up, Titan's hips suck. Her words not mine. One hip is on the verge of coming out of socket, the other one doesnt fit in the socket properly. It is a very bad case of hip dysplasia for a dog so young. He has a few possible options that we are to speak with a specialist about.

Option 1: A total hip replacement: These run much more expensive than we even thought. Starting at 5k per hip. We arent sure if he would need one or both... but either way, its 5 grand and a very long recovery. This surgery would]= have to wait to be performed when he is fully grown at about 2 years. He is only 6\ months right now, so he would have a long wait.

Option 2: TPLO Surgery: Basically this is where they reposition the hip so that the ball and socket connect better. It has good results and is the less serious of the two surgeries. Still rather expensive at about 3 grand and that is without any other complications or added expenses. It would be done now before his growth is completed.

Option 3: Treat Titan with strict diet and supplements. This could give him a semi normal life as long as his hips do not wear out. Which, sadly, is very possible. If we only use diet and supplements, he could never be a police working dog, only a pet. He would eat real food such as raw meat and brown rice. This has been proven to help with joint problems, but it would not correct the problem.

(We have a couple of different things to consider with this option... see below)




Since Titan is meant to be a working police k9 and if he cant, B still needs a dog for work. The breeder is willing to provide us another dog. I dont like this idea, because it feels like we are replacing him... just giving up. We have the option of keeping him along with a new dog... but as I have mentioned before, we have a little house with a non existent yard. It would not be fair to have Lola, and two giant german shepherds in our house. Plus with a baby on the way, it would be pure madness.

If we end up having to take the new puppy, then we would have to find Tidy boy a new home. Which really makes me sad. We luckily have close family that has been dying for a dog, and would love to take him. So it would make it a little easier.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

With all of these decisions, that all rely on what the specialist says, atleast we have a little hope. We dont have to put Titan down and he can have a full happy life. Which I am completely relieved about. As of now, we are waiting to get in with a specialist to take a look.

Im hoping to get good news!

If youre still reading, thank you! Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and concerns! For those that made suggestions for organizations to help and those that offered their help. We cant thank you enough! If he does require surgery, we are checking into the diferent aids available.
THANKS YALL! Ill be sure to update as soon as we know anything else.


Bad News

After undergoing testing at the vet yesterday, we got the worst news possible. Titan is going to need a Total Hip Replacement. He has bad hip dysplasia in both hips. He was given a pain killer and a prescription to help with lubricating the joint, but we can only do that for 14 days. The vet says by then we have to make a decision...
Our decision is between paying $3000 or more dollars for surgery or putting him down. I'm sure that we arent the only ones who are tight on funds this year, and $3000 is not possible.
B is talking with a few specialists today and the breeder is making a few calls to some contacts in the police K9 field to see if there is anything to be done to help us out. She has also offered us a healthy puppy in her next litter.
I dont want a new puppy. I want my dog to be okay. Im sure yall know what I mean, when I say that our dogs are like our kids. If you have ever had to put down a dog, then you also know how painful that is.
Last Christmas we lost B's dad, and I just cant bare to think of losing Titan this year.
Please pray that we get some sort of good news today. He is such a sweet and loving dog and I cant imagine our little house without him.


Prayers Please!

If you have a minute, please say a prayer for our German Shepherd Titan or "Tidy boy" as I like to call him. = )

Yesterday, B brought him home from playing with his golden retriever "brother" Jasper, and he was crying when he would lay down due to leg pain. He is going to the vet today to be put under and to get xrays.

We are hoping that it is not hip dysplasia which is very common in German Shepherds. If it is, there is a good chance that we will have to send him back to the breeder for another dog. Apparently dogs with this problem cannot train to be police k9's. Which I think is total crap and discrimination. He is so sweet and I cant bare the thought of having to get rid of him.

Hopefully it is just from him growing so quickly and is something he will outgrow. So pray with me if you will?



Bathroom Before and After!

Last week, after not receiving yet another offer on our house, I got stir crazy. I havent done any home projects in over a year because I didnt want to waste my time if we were going to move. Well a year later, we are still there! I decided there is no reason living with something I dont like and paint really doesnt cost that much.

I originally saw this post from Young House Love. Their striped bathroom really caught my eye and I had to do it in mine. They described the project as "simple" and a "4 hour project."

I thought "just the perfect thing to do on a boring Friday night."

Bathroom Before

When I originally painted my master bathroom, it was supposed to be a relaxing, calm, light blue-green. What I ended up with was swimming pool blue. (I really need to buy the sample paint before I start a whole project!) It had sat this way for over a year, when I just couldnt take it anymore.
I will just give the short version of what happened.
Bought paint
Paint was too dark (Once again, should have bought sample)
Bought white to tone it down... there was no toning it down
a 9pm trip to Home Depot. Pick out the PERFECT cream, buy MORE paint.
Color was perfect, coverage was not. Blue walls were showing through my "paint and primer in one" that I bought.
Run out of paint
Me= ticked
Go to sleep mad.

Wake up
Go to Chick Fil A... get biscuit
Head to Lowe's to have them match PERFECT cream.
I pay 4 dollars more for an entire gallon of paint. Color matches exactly.
Im starting to really like Lowes... (Dont tell my husband, I could start WWIII)
Head home. Start painting
Titan wants to help... Titan gets kicked out of the bathroom.
Valspar paint is awesome. Cream paint is done
Watch UGA football - Trick or treat
Come home and begin marking off lines for tape
Lines are way off, decide to wait until morning

Go to church
Come home and have B help mark off more lines
Lines still off
Figure out baseboards are different sizes on different walls... HUGE PAIN
Spend next 3 hours measuring and leveling lines
Peel of tape

The color is much creamier than shown in this photo. I havent made it home during daylight hours yet this week, so the bathroom light makes it look weird.
Im so happy with the final result, even if it was a PITA to get it accomplished. The creamy colors are really flattering too! I kept wondering why I looked tanner than I did before! haha!
Note to self:: Always have creamy colored bathroom walls!

For paint colors I used Patience from Sherwin Williams for the darker color and Behr Coastal Beige from Home Depot that Lowes matched with better paint. =)

If you are contemplating this project, and you arent a pro like Young House Love, then I would highly suggest a laser level. That would have completely saved about 5 hours of work!