Seriously Jillian...

Dear Jillan "The Bachelorette",

You had the choice between hottie wine maker Jesse, and Wes... Wes the skeezy, slimy, sketchy, poor excuse for a country singer... and you choose WES. Seriously, WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU? He is AWFUL and keeps lying to your face. "Your song" sucks, really... it does. Why would you want to listen to that repeatedly?? "They say, they say that love dont come easy...." GAG! The fact that his stupid song blows you away just shows us all how easily persuaded you are... or that ABC is calling all of the shots.This guy will NEVER have a successful career as a singer. If he was any good, he wouldnt have needed to come on the bachelorette to get publicity.

You make me want throw things at my TV, and that is something that my husband would seriously frown upon. It may even hurt my marriage if I break his tv. I really hope this is ABC instigating this junk, because I thought you were smarter than that skeeze. My friends and I think you are dumb.
Anyone that describes their loyalty to you as "Im clean" Is clearly trouble....

Im just glad that Ed came back, because I puffy pink heart Ed. I like the underdog quality he has. Maybe he could write you a crappy song too?

The only way that you can make this up to me, is to give me those awesome red boots. I have searched everywhere for them, and they are sold out. I NEED THEM!!!
Step away from Wes, give me the boots, and no one gets hurt!

Yours Truly,
An angry fan


Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was very low key. Friday we went to a local park for a free concert. It was SO HOT! Saturday I went to the local farmers market and got a lot of fresh veggies. I worked on a painting, and I also made boiled peanuts! Yum! We had a couple of BBQ's to go to later that night. Sunday we went to church and then to lunch at our favorite restaurant. I decided to take a nap that afternoon and woke up to Lola puking all over the floor. Nice! Last night we went to celebrate my sister in law's triathlon finish. I give her lots of credit, because that is something I would NEVER do! That was about it for the weekend!

Sorry for my lack of posting lately... I have lots going on and lots filling my mind. I will fill yall in soon! Like, Wednesday soon! Stay tuned!



Click this link for a free quart of paint while supplies last! I went with Leather Brown, because you can never go wrong with brown paint!


Random Thoughts Day

Today I have decided to keep record of the random thoughts that go through my mind... here it goes!

8:18 Cant I take a nap on my desk? Would it be such a crime?
9:32 Hot cocoa is a God send, even though it burnt my tongue
10:08 Wish I had a gooey chocolate chip cookie... It may be a baking night
10:13 Why has it been so difficult to pick photos for my wedding album??
10:25 I wish I could figure out why my flowers aren't growing in my yard...
12:16 I really need to think of a business to start
1:01 Old friends make me smile
1:05 So does Chick-Fil-A
1:54 Poor Farrah Faucett
2:38 I really need to go to the gym today.... but I really dont wanna!
2:54 Still wanting to nap on my desk
3:00 Annoyed
3:43 UGH when can I go home?
3:58 Okay... Im going home!
3:58 Im sorry this was such a lame post!


Give Away Winner!

Well yall, I was going to try to be fancy and use Random.com to generate a winner... but I just couldnt figure that junk out! So I relied on my fancy schmancy winner picker outer *cough cough* a mason jar and lots and lots of numbers on paper!

Drum Roll Please!!!

The winner is Pippy! Congrats Pippy!

Thank you to everyone that entered, it truly means a lot! I will be putting lots more custom frames in my etsy shop, and maybe a few other customized items. So please check back!!!


Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Happy monday to everyone! I hope yall had a great weekend! Friday I had a little birthday bbq get together with some of my friends and family. It was low key and perfect! Saturday I went to the mail box, hoping that my first issue of Country Living would be there (HURRY UP ALREADY.....) but I found something much better!!! This awesome PINK UGA TERVIS TUMBLER from my friend Deals Steals and Heels! She is AWESOME!! Thank you so much!!! I LOVE IT!! Sunday we went to lunch for fathers day, and then went to the pool. Last night B and I hung out and watched a movie while I painted on a few signs. It was a pretty nice and relaxing weekend.

Tonight B and I are going to my favorite restaurant for a date! Im definitely splurging on dessert tonight too! Cant wait!!

I will be announcing the winner of my giveaway tomorrow. Thank you all so much for everyone that commented and entered!! Please stay tuned!



Dont forget to enter my giveaway before Monday!! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!



In honor of my quarter century birthday I am doing another give away! The lucky winner will receive a custom name frame as pictured above!

Here are the rules:
1 entry for a comment
1 entry for a new follower
5 entries for blogging about the give away.

Drawing will end on Monday, June 22. MY BIRTHDAY!
I will announce the winner on Tuesday.

Thanks Yall!!!

Back to the real world

Well, I am back from vacation. The rest of my summer will be spent working from 7:30-5 with no off days. =( Im pretty bummed about that, but we had a great time this past weekend. We stayed at the Westin in Hilton Head, and it was awesome. Here are a few pics
My sister, Reece, and Me

My S.I.L. and Me

Me and B

This child nearly bankrupted me from throwing coins in that fountain! We were matching that day!My mom looking sexy with her girls!
Stylin' and Proflin' in my chadwicks dress! (Yes my sister is a good 3" taller than me)

Being the family photographer


NOTE!!!! Next Monday is my birthday and I am doing a give away in honor of it! Check back this afternoon for details!



Well atleast for me it is! I'm headed out of town for a nice family vacay. Surely I will come back with great stories!

To those of you who comment on my blog, thank you from the bottom of my heart! It makes my day to read them!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Summer Favorites

I love summer! I have lots of fond memories of summertime growing up. My very favorite part of summer was always my birthday, granted... but I have lots of other favorites too! Dont you just love the things that remind you of a time or place? I sure do! Here are a few of mine!

* The smell of fresh cut grass
* The sound of the bell from the ice cream man (even though he is a bit creepy)
* Watermelons
* Lightning Bugs (as we refer to them in the south)
* Thunderstorms
* Family Vacation
* The lake
* Fourth of July
* The Farmers Market
* Live music on a restaurant patio
* Lemonade
* Kids playing in the sprinklers... better yet SLIP N SLIDES!
* Baseball games
* Sea, Sand, and Shells
* Flip flops
* Lazy days at the pool (back before my big girl days of working full time)
* Though I LOATHED it at the time, summer cheerleading camp brings back great memories
* Crickets Chirping
* Sun Hats
* and of course my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!


In Recovery Mode

This weekend was insanely fun and my body needs time to recover! I'm just not used to having that much fun! Let me give a quick recap

Thursday we left work early to beat traffic. We got there right around dinner time, but decided to skip dinner and head out for a night on the town. We went to a few random places that I cannot remember the names of and called it a night.
Friday morning we woke up early to head to Folly Beach. We carried the heavy cooler about 30 miles it seemed like, but it was worth it to have our own semi private beach. That night we got all dolled up to browse a few art galleries and then head to dinner. At the galleries I discovered my new favorite beverage.... water with cucumbers in it. SO GOOD! We went to dinner at a place called Hanks. The food was DELISH and I had seared Ahi tuna... my very favorite! After that we hit up a place called Rooftop, which is on the roof of a hotel, and ended up at a bar called Aromas. There was a live band there, so we decided to stay and dance. I only have daytime pics because I forgot my camera.
Saturday morning we woke up and decided we wanted a big breakfast. We were referred to the Mill house and headed on our way. This place is like a 4* hotel so we thought it would be wonderful. It went something like this

9:50Am arrive
10:00 We are approached by a waiter for drinks - ask for menus
10:20 We receive drinks and ask for menus again (after 30 min of sitting we had no menus)
10:35 Dude comes to take our order and bring us our creamer and sugar for the coffee thats now cold
10:50 waiter returns with silverware so that we dont have to stir our cold coffee with our fingers
10:57 I am wondering why we are still there. My friends want to stay since we ordered "it cant be that much longer
11:00 waiting
11:10 waiting
11:15 I seek a manager from the bar tender and another employee - I was ignored by both
11:20 My friend goes to the front desk to talk to hotel manager
11:30 A woman came by our table and slurred something about picking up our check... so we decide to keep waiting
11:35 Our food finally comes out- part of it - food was supposed to have biscuits- no biscuits - friend ordered grits - no grits
11:50-11:55 the biscuits come out after we are done eating....


OH and the best part, there were about 3 other people in the restaurant. We encouraged other diners when they sat down to leave when we told them about our wait. It took the waiter 45 min after they ordered to realize they had left... and then he brought us all of their food. UGH!

After that escapade we went to Sullivans Island to spend the remainder of the day. We had a blast and decided to stay in the area for dinner. We went to a place named Red's with awesome service and great food. This is the only pic I have for that day/ night. I was super camera lazy this trip! I will post more when my friends share some! Sunday I got home, and B and I headed to my parents house for a yummy pot of seafood gumbo. Im a cajun girl, that usually isnt big on cajun food, and my mom knocked that one out of the park! (Good job mom!)

I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!!!


Things Ive been up to.

So I love giving shout-outs to fellow bloggers and here is one today! My friend at VintageVictuals is an AMAZING cook. I wish I lived closer to her! Because if I did, I would be the annoying neighbor that always happened to stop by at dinner time! She has begun baking bread for her local farmers market and asked me to design her a sticker logo to go with her Vintage theme. Of couse I excitedly agreed! Here it is! I would buy bread with a cute label like that! I also have been busy with a canvas for a friends new baby's room. She wanted something to match the sport themed bedding. I think it turned out super cute!
Well, Im off! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!


Challllllston Yall!

Im so excited I can hardly concentrate! Tomorrow I am taking a half day and heading to Charleston for our ANNUAL girls weekend. The trip is with my oldest and best friends from high school and I could not be more pumped!!! We have been planning the trip since December and this coming weekend is the first weekend that worked with everyone's schedules. Life just gets so busy and when planning for 8, its nearly impossible. Somehow though, we managed! Im glad the weather will be nice and warm so that we can hit the beach!

Here are a few photos from previous trips!

At our Charleston friend's wedding

At Mrs H's bachelorette party, we convinced her that riding the turtle would be a great idea!
Funny story behind this one! Our friend Ms. P (below) met a boy who was friends with our Charleston friend Mrs. S. This boy was HOT, he was also a surfer.... A surfer that wanted to teach Ms. P how to surf.... with a private lesson! Of course we all encouraged the surf lesson and embarassed her by our persuading (ie: forcing) of her to partake in surf lessons! (We knew she wanted to, she just needed a little push!) Well, surf lessons lasted a really long time, and us, not being that great of planners, didnt bring any food to the beach. We were famished so we decided to leave our friend Ms. P at surf school and she could meet up with us afterwards.

Well being at the beach, and not considering to bring food, we also didnt have paper and pen on hand. SO we decided to leave her a note in the sand saying "we are eating at Poes!" We were thoughtful and left her shoes by it, to be sure that she didnt miss the message. =) How creative were we? Not only did she get a surf lesson with a hottie, she also got to catch a ride from him to meet us for lunch! I think we are pretty great friends!!

Ms. P and me

Mrs. S (Charleston friend), myself, Mrs. B


Another Manic Monday

This weekend was a mix of emotions. Friday I did a little bit of Ashton Kutcher stalking. Saturday I went to the mountains for B's cousins wedding. Sunday I went to the funeral of an old dear friend. He had fought a long battle with schizophrenia which resulted in his suicide last Wednesday. It is so sad and devastating to see someone with so much joy and light get attacked by such an awful disease. He was truly one of the funniest most charismatic people I have ever had the pleasure of being friends with. Alex will truly be missed!!

After the funeral a big group of old friends got together to catch up. It was so wonderful to see many people that I hadnt seen in almost 7 years. 7 years?? I have really been out of high school for 7 years!? Gosh Im getting old!

On a lighter note, here are some photos that I have been meaning to share. I have been doing a little more photo work on the side and I had the pleasure of shooting this sweet family. Their twin boys were cracking me up the entire time!