stalking ashton kutcher!

So the past few days there has been a movie filming taking place in my neighborhood. I could have cared less at first because I figured it was something crappy and low budget. Low and behold its not a crappy movie and it is starring ashton kutcher and katherine heigl.
Here is the best pic that I could get. Can you see Ashton? He is in black pants and a white shirt right in the middle of the pic. This is as close of a pic I could get with my phone... they werent allowing pictures so I had to be sneaky. There was a rather scary female police officer with a boyish haircut... if ya know what I mean? She looked like she could kick some butt, so I didnt want to cross her. Then they made everyone who didnt live on the street leave. So thats as much stalking as I could do! He looked pretty hot from far away though!


No Post Today

Sorry blog friends, but I just dont feel up to blogging today. I woke up with a very sore throat and got to work late. Once there I received a phone call that one of my old friends has died.

I'm taking the day off. More blogging tomorrow.


Pottery Barn Inspiration

On Friday I was having the urge to shop. Shopping + no money = trouble Then I remembered that I have a Pottery Barn gift card! WOO HOO! So off to PB I went. When I got there, I loved everything in the place, except nothing was worthy of my gift card! I scored an awesome Christmas Tree topper for 4.99 but no more bargains to be had. I was inspired by a few things I saw there though!

I found a burlap table runner and wine bag (that I cannot find photos of online). They were priced a lot higher than burlap should EVER be priced and a very common thought passed through my mind "I can make this." So I went to the fabric store and purchased 5 dollars worth of burlap and ended up with this bag!I just measured enough burlap to fit the bottle of wine and then sewed up 3 sides. Then got out my scrapbooking rubber stamps and painted on VINO. Taaaa daaaa!

Then while I was feeling crafty, I wanted to add a little something to these cheap-o boxes I found on clearance at hobby lobby. 4$ for both! I added our anniversary and initial. They look cute in my foyer!

Did anyone else get crafty this weekend??


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I love a good ol' American Holiday! There is nothing like grilling out with friends and family, eating a variety of awesome food, drinking a little American beer, and lighting a couple of fireworks. I love how Memorial Day kicks off the summer! Its looking like our weather wont be too dry and summery here in the south... so here's for hoping for a nice, long, relaxing weekend!

With all of the fun and festivities, sometimes we forget the true meaning of Memorial Day. Please remember those who fought and served for our freedom!

Yall have a great weekend!



It is almost time for Memorial Day, for warm weather (HOPEFULLY!) and vacation! This time 4 years ago (wow its been 4 years!) my Great Aunt Dottie took me to tour Italy. Just she and I, two single women out to see the world! Here we are in Pompei, she is rocking her bright ensemble and vintage Dior sunglasses!

We went to over 14 cities in Italy including Pompeii, Rome, Sorrento, Amalfi, Florence, and Venice to name a few. We stayed in hotels with balconies that over looked the Med, places that I will never be able to afford again in a MILLION years! We ate our weight in gelatto and drank tons of vino rosa! This trip was the trip of a lifetime! We had a blast.

Aunt Dottie is currently in the hospital recovering after undergoing a triple heart bypass and valve replacement, a long ways away from trecking through Italy. So tonight, I am going to share our trip with my devoted readers. (The small few that actually read my ramblings!)

The coast of Sorrento (Mt Vesuvius in the background)

The amazing ceiling of the Sistine Chapel -I probably could have gone to jail for sneaking this photo.... OOPS! ;)

A small Italian town that I have no idea which one!

Everyone knows what this is!!


A canal in Venice

I have SO many more photos, so many better photos...but its hard to see them on my laptop, in the tiny blogger thumbnails, in the dark while hubby is snoring next to me! :) So maybe I will find the better ones and save those for another blogging day.

If Yall will, PLEASE keep my Aunt Dottie in your prayers for a fast recovery!


Lauren Nicole Gifts Review!!

One thing that I ABSOLUTELY love about blogging, is how generous people are! I heard through the blogging grapevine about Lauren Nicole Gifts and of course I had to check it out! I began reading a few product reviews, and realized that I too could review something! How awesome is that? Denise at Lauren Nicole Gifts was so nice and helpful!

My necklace came adorably packaged in this Lilly wrapped tin. The tin now looks so pretty sitting in my jewelry box!
I chose the stamped initial necklace with a freshwater pearl (My June birthstone!) The fine silver craftsmanship is gorgeous. The charm looks like an heirloom handed down through a family with an awesome vintage feel.

Today at Lauren Nicole Gifts is 30% off of Hand Stamped Necklaces. Yall should go on over and check them out! They would make great gifts for those hard to shop for loved ones! Too bad my dad wouldn't appreciate an initial necklace! His birthday is this weekend and he is SO HARD TO BUY FOR! (I hope you are reading this dad!) Ü


Weekend Recap

Ever have a Monday where you need another weekend just to recover? Yes, I am having that kind of Monday! This weekend was my dear friend's wedding. Some of you may know her as Missy in Pink. The weekend was gorgeous, despite the crappy weather. Friday night was her Rehearsal Dinner. The night started with cocktails on the patio on the golf course. It was beautiful, and then the thunderclouds started rolling in. Everything was moved in doors, and still turned out perfect. They also got awesome photos standing infront of a rainbow! Here are a few photos.

Me and the bride!!

Such a great couple!

The photographer was THRILLED when this rainbow appeared!

Missy's Sister in law Michelle

On Saturday it was cloudy all day, but the sun came out JUST IN TIME for the wedding. I was so happy for Missy that it did! She looked INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL! Im not an emotional person at weddings, but this one almost got me... almost! I admit I got teary eyed, and I didnt even cry at my own wedding! haha Everything was pink and green and so cute! All of Missy's hard work certainly paid off!

Me and B

( I am sporting my AWESOME headband made by Deals, Steals, and Heels I got SO many compliments on it!)

Mrs. H and me

Me and Mrs H enjoying the beverages

The gorgeous bride and groom

Janae, Missy, Alyssa and Me

Well, that is all of the sneak peek you get! I dont want to ruin her fun and post too much! You will just have to wait until she gets back from her honeymoon!

I heart Faces

This week at I Heart Faces, the theme is my favorite face. My niece Reece is by far my FAVORITE face! How could she not be? How gorgeous is this child? It also helps that I love her to pieces!!!

I am submitting this photo into the http://www.iheartfaces.com/ Blurb Book photo contest. I am granting I ♥ Faces permission to use my photo in a printed version of a book for commercial use and possibly advertising of a photo book on both the Blurb and I ♥ Faces web sites.


Mimosa Missy Friday!

Today is the beginning of the wedding festivities for my Dear Friend Missy in Pink. this morning we had her bridal luncheon. Im not one of her bridesmaids, but I feel so honored that she included me in the day! It was beautiful and the food was delish! I am a little partial to shower food though! I love how dainty and girly it is! Best yet, there were plenty of mimosas (Missy's favorite!) Here are a few pics.
Missy and Me (I look like a giant!)

Lindsey and Me counting our mimosas!!!
Missy and her Maid of Honor Alyssa
Missy and her BM's
Me, Lindsey, Alyssa and Missy
My awesome gift from Missy! Jack Rogers!

Her yummy cake!


Blogging is a bad influence!

After reading my good friend Deals, Heels and Steals blog post about her UGA hoodie she got from Victoria's Secret... of course I had to check it out! I decided against the hoodie for now, (since it is may) but I couldn't leave empty handed!I got this shirt for 5 dollars! I decided to get my sister one as well... I mean 5 BUCKS!? How could I not get it!?
I have also been having a hard time finding a new bathing suit this summer. I am usually a Target bathing suit girl, but target has disappointed me in the bathing suit department this summer. I found this suit on VS.com as well. It cost about the same as a target suit. Hopefully it looks as great on me as it does on Miranda Kerr! SIKE!

A few of my favorite Target things, are as follows!
How cute is this clutch for $20? My friend Missy in Pink got one, and I was a total copycat!

Even the interior is adorable!
I also got this cute seersucker skirt! (did I mention how much I LOVE seersucker!?) For only $20! Its much cuter in person... for some reason the model's legs look blue!

Well thats all Ive got for now! Adieu!


Gossip Girl Lovers

In my inbox this morning, I received a link to this site. http://whatchuckwore.tumblr.com/ My friend Andy said that since I watch that "horrible show" that I would get a kick out it. (Andy, if you're reading, Gossip Girl is a GREAT show!) Anyways, this site just gave me a great laugh to start out the morning. It jokes about how fabulously over the top Chuck's clothes are. Its hilarious! Enjoy!


Monday... already!?

Well Its Monday morning and I am back at work. How do the weekends go by SO fast?? How was your weekend? Mine was great, thanks for asking! Friday night I went to help my friend Missy in pink with some last minute wedding projects. I love wedding projects! I offered to help in any way that I can, because I know from experience how crazy things get the week before the big day! I cant believe she is getting married on SATURDAY! YAY MISSY!I mentioned on Friday that I planned on doing a little photography over the weekend... and boy did I! I did a little photo shoot with my niece on Saturday morning so that she could update her modeling portfolio. She started out being camera shy, but ended being her usual sassy self.
Not feeling it at first

Picking flowers
Is she not the most beautiful child you have EVER seen??
Pointing to her grandpa in heaven =,(
Sassy pants

I could eat her up!
Talking with John Wayne
Fake crying
Adorable with pig tails

That afternoon, my wedding photographer called me and asked if I could assist him in shooting a Bar Mitzvah. I had never been to one, so that was neat. It was funny to see how awkward 13 year old kids are. Boys on one side, girls on the other! I remember those days! He has awesome lenses to play with... now I'm coveting a new lense. Maybe for my birthday?

For mothers day we went out to our favorite restaurant Texas Roadhouse, and then had dessert at our house afterwards. I made my favorite Lemon Icebox pie, and B's favorite peanut butter pie. YUM!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!