Wedding Album...

So the knot tells me that I have been married 104 days... It has taken me this long to get motivated enough to go through my wedding photos to choose pictures for our wedding album. I wouldn't even be doing this now, if it wasn't for the constant harping by my mom saying that she paid for this album and I need to get my butt in gear having it made! Honestly, after looking at the photos SO MANY TIMES after the wedding, I got sick of looking at myself and my wedding! Now that I'm over distancing myself from all things "wedding" I have found a lot of funny photos that I didnt even know existed in these pictures. I found great photos of my parents, showing how happy they are after being married for so many years. I have a photo of my sister dancing like a lunatic to Michael Jackson. We have great pictures of my father in law, which we truly cherish now. Annnddd, we have pictures of the girl in the green dress that successfully ruined the majority of my reception pictures by stalking my photographer, being in all of the photos and obnoxiously making a stupid sex kitten (a'hem! skanky!) kissy face in all of them. I have to choose only 75 photos out of 1200, so I have a lot of work ahead of me! Enjoy!

Did I mention that she wasnt invited?? Nice!

Halle-FREAKIN-luyah its FRIDAY!

Its Friday, and its going to be a good day! Why you ask? Well for starters, my intense bodycore induced ab pain is subsiding. It no longer feels like Chuck Norris round house kicked me in the stomach... Secondly, I am counting down the hours until it's 5 o'clock somewhere! Lots of visitors in town this weekend too, which is really exciting for my usually mundane Friday night! Today my sister is coming in from Athens, and tonight I'm going to enjoy the night with my high school girlfriends! Its been forever since I have seen some of them!

Saturday I plan to start decorating our guest bedroom. I'm going to do my best to use things from around the house and not buy any new decorating crap... we will see how that goes! I've been given the plea to not make it "girly" by my husband. Can I honestly help it that I like pretty things? I think not! Hopefully I can squeeze in finishing my quilt as well!

Saturday night we are going to see the great Pat Green! This is the true highlight of my weekend!

After reading the comment from my mother, I realized I left off Super Bowl Sunday. Although I dont care for either team, or any team in the NFL for that matter... I will definitely be hanging out, drinking a few beverages, gorging myself on dips and finger food, and watching funny commercials!


Happy Hump Day!

So its Wednesday... and today, I'm just ready to finish out the week! Last night I decided to jump head first back into my Bodycore class. When I walked into the class, I realized that the instructor was very pregnant since the last time that I went to the class back in September. I thought "sweet, maybe she will go easy on us since she is pregnant!" OH NOT SO! This woman is wonder woman! Not only is she extremely pregnant, she called out exercises and did them with ease. I laid on the floor with my friend Missy, pretending to do the 1000000000's of repetitions and laughing at ourselves with our bodies cramping and muscles burning that we didn't even know existed! To reward myself when I got home, I ate cookies (a little counterproductive but oh well!) and watched episodes of season one from One Tree Hill (My new favorite show).

Today I can hardly walk, laugh, breathe, cough... you name it, it hurts! Needless to say, the class is a good workout and maybe it will help get my lazy self in shape!

Anyways, enough complaining. My mom has been harping me to watch this video. Although we had some great speeches at our wedding festivities, Im a little jealous that no one went to these lengths! Make sure you watch all of it!



25 Random Things About Me!

1. I married the most incredible man in the world on October 18 on a PERFECT fall day
2. I was born in Louisiana, but Im not a huge fan of most “Cajun” food
3. I love to travel! Ive been to ¾ of the 50 states, Mexico, England, Italy, France… this summer we’re hoping to go to Ireland.
4. I want to have 4 kids, but we will see if I change my mind after 1!
5. My husband is the greatest blessing I’ve ever received, I prayed for someone like him forever!
6. My parents are awesome and most weekends we hang out with them drinking beer/ wine by the fire
7. I missed my calling as an art teacher
8. I would say that my favorite color was black if it wasn’t looked at as gothic or morbid
9. I just learned how to sew. So far so good!
10. Thinking of summers by the lake get me through the awful winter
11. I wish I was a runner… I’m not however a “runner”
12. My sister is 4 years younger than me, but acts like my older sister
13. Red wine is my favorite.
14. I think a good pair of cowboy boots goes with everything!
15. I like Nascar and Georgia football! Go Dawgs!
16. When we were little my sister and I would clean out my pawpaw’s olive stash that he would use for his martini’s… this didn’t make him happy!
17. I love seafood: sushi, crab, fish, crawfish, shrimp, lobster, oysters, calamari, mussels, clams… whatever!
18. My talents are crafty things such as painting, drawing, knitting, making jewelry, photography, or anything I can DIY
19. I have a photography degree, but I would never do it as a career. I only do it for myself
20. I have a blog www.mrssouthernbelle.blogspot.com (obviously if you're reading this on my blog)
21. My dog Lola is an adorable squishy faced Boston terrier
22. I’m Scotch Irish, my husband is Scotch Irish, and my new last name was actually my grandpa’s middle name
23. I am the oldest grandchild on one side of the family, and the oldest girl on the other
24. I love to bake and cook
25. I’ll be 25 this summer!


This made my day

My mom is a pretty funny hooker sometimes and this is what she sent me today.

The title is "some things should come with instructions"

My First Quilt!

So this is my first attempt at being an "old lady" as my husband calls it, or quilting as its formally referred to. I decided that I wanted an easy sewing project, obviously quilting probably isnt an average first time project, but I found this one online and it looked really simple. It is nothing but a lot of straight lines, which so far I can handle! The quilt consists of 30 of each 3" squares, 6" squares, and 9" squares. They are then pinned together and sewn. I decided to have a red, black, and white quilt since we are a Georgia Bulldog family!
Here are two of the squares pinned together before sewing.

Squares pinned together.

After all of the squares are sewn individually, they are sewn together in strips of 5 (vertically in the photo) and then all of the strips are sewn together. This is the finished front side.
I now have to baste the quilt... which Im still not too sure what that means. Then quilt and bind it. I think this will be the hardest part so dont be surprised if you dont see photos up here for a very long time!


Way belated Honeymoon Pictures!!
Our honeymoon was in October, and these photos have been sitting in my camera ever since. What kind of photographer am I?? Anyways, we went to Scottsdale, Arizona and stayed at the Westin Kierland Resort... which was the most fabulous place I have ever been! Wondering why we decided to honeymoon in Arizona?? Well for 1. my husband despises the beach... seriously! He really does! Weirdo! 2. my husband also refused to leave the country (he's a good ol' country boy) 3. I wanted somewhere really warm and the wonderful Scottsdale, Arizona was the perfect place!
My whole life I have wanted to take a hot air balloon ride. What an amazing experience, and I recommend that everyone try it! We woke up really early and were driven about an hour in the Arizona desert to our launching point. We were floating into the air with the sunrise and it was gorgeous.
Honeymooners in the hot air balloon

They made us an awesome brunch after we landed in a cotton field.

The view from our room. Scottsdale has the most amazing golf courses... kinda made me wish that we played. Everything on the resort was so green, which is very odd considering its in the middle of the desert!
Random close up!

The bigger picture from our room.


These are a few of my favorite things...

So everyone probably has their "favorite things" right? They are the things that you love and obsess over. Things that make you think "why didnt I think of that?!" Or things that you just simply cant live without. Here are some of mine...

1). Strawberry Chapstick: Its everywhere, my front right jean pocket, my bed side table, my car, my purse, sometimes my dryer... seriously I cant live without the stuff.

2). My UGA tervis tumbler: Probably one of the greatest inventions ever! I fill it multiple times a day and take it everywhere. Gotta stay hydrated!

3). The third I dont have a photo for. It is the cookbook that my mom made for my sister and me for christmas. It is filled with all of the recipes that I always call and ask her for multiple times a week! Thanks mom!

4). My new sewing machine: Im still VERY BEGINNER, but it keeps me entertained since my wedding planning world is very much over, Im starting on my first quilt! I will post pictures soon!

5). Oakgrove Cabernet: It is my favorite wine, pretty cheap, and it comes in a big bottle! What
more could a wino want!?

As much as I love a good cook, I love a great recipe so that I can make it too! This is my friend Lauren's blog. She has TONS of food on here that is divine Looking at her blog during the work day makes me STARVING for lunch! She gives complete recipes with instructions as well as photos of her creations! Her Chicken Tortilla soup, White Chicken Chili, Breakfast casserole, and sugar cookie recipes are to die for!

7). My most recent OBSESSION.... The best series I have ever read! I read all 4 in a week over Christmas break, and as if that wasnt enough, I saw the movie twice! It also helps that the vampire is the hottest vampire Ive ever seen or read about! (eventhough I have never actually seen a vampire)

7). Mossimo ultra soft sweaters: These are the softest most wonderful sweaters. I have multiple colors and I could wear them everyday if people didnt think I was weird. They are sold at Target for around 14.99 but have been on sale lately!

8). Gameday Bangles: Recently my friend Michelle and I were in a store at Lake Oconee and I came across these awesome UGA bangle bracelets. My first thought was "I could make these" and my second thought was "They're 30 dollars?? Why didnt I think of that!?" I am going to making oodles of them for gifts!

9). John Deere Baby Blanket: (MOM DONT GET EXCITED!) At the same store I saw this blanket and thought it was super cute. I immediately thought of my tractor loving husband and that ONEDAY his son would need one of these. (Hear that mom? ONE DAY! Dont get any crazy ideas!)

I would post a 10th favorite thing... but I cant think of one... and its a pain posting all of these photos. So for now, enjoy my favorite things!


I kid you not!

In light of today being the inauguration of our 44th president I would like to share my recent findings. While looking through fabric selections for my quilt at Walmart over the weekend I really couldnt believe when I saw this...

You can now buy panels of fleece with Obama's face all over it. Despite my contrasting political views, who in their right mind would purchase this?? I can see these making their way to white elephant Christmas parties next year.


First Blog Entry

So, I decided that I wanted to make a blog about my life. The adventures of being a newly wed, crafting, cooking, Southern favorites, Georgia Football, my life in a nut shell type blog. Please enjoy my ramblings into cyberspace!


Custom Order Artwork

I paint custom order signs, canvases, and make custom name frames. Please email me at Mrssouthernbelle@gmail.com for special pricing for canvases and ordering.

Established sign $35

Custom Order Canvas

Custom name frame - black $40

Custom Order CanvasEstablished sign $35

Established sign $35

Custom name frame - Silver Swirl $30

Custom name frame - Silver $35

Custom Order Canvases


Vanilla Honey Butter

Vanilla Honey Butter

1 lb Butter
3/4 cup honey
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

First cream the butter

Then add honey, sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon

When combined, put into jars to keep or give away.


Photography Portfolio