Picking a new rug

Sometime last summer when we first began building our house, I started picking out a rug for the living room. I am not sure why I felt the need to buy something so early, I guess I was excited to start decorating. I came across the rug below on Rugsusa.com and fell in love instantly. I waited until I found a big coupon to use and made the purchase. 

The day before our fire, I had moved the rug out of the living room and into an upstairs bedroom so that the wrinkles could fall out of it. I am grateful that I moved it because I am sure it probably would have caught fire pretty quickly when the flames poured out of the fireplace and onto the floor... Anyways, the rug was treated for smoke damage with the rest of our belongings and we brought it back into the living room. Unfortunately, whatever was used to treat the rug, also took off any bit of factory stain blocker. This thing is now a magnet for everything dirty that wouldn't otherwise show up. It has been in the house a month and already looks filthy. With two dirty little boys and a huge dog, this thing wont last another month if we keep it in our living room.  The plan is to move it to our master bedroom and our insurance has graciously agreed to replace it. Now the tricky part will be to find a rug as much as I love this one. 

Option #1 I found this rug on Target.com and is made of the same soft material yet has much darker colors. I think charcoal would be a safe bet.
Option #2 I love the vintage look of this rug, but reviewers commented that they grey was more of a light blue in person... Not sure how light blue would look in our house.
Option #3 This is somewhat of a neutral option, but I think a little to plain for my liking.

Option #4 I like the idea of having a natural fiber rug like jute, but I am afraid it will be too rough in a space like a living room. 
Which choice is your favorite? I am leaning towards #1!


Catching up

Happy late 4th of July! Sorry for the radio silence as of lately, I haven't had a lot of free time to post. Summer is crazy as I am sure most of you can relate. We have also been quite sick at our house. The boys were sick for over 2 weeks and poor Archer had 103 degree fever for 12 days. He finally kicked an Adenovirus late last week, just in time for our trip to Louisiana for the 4th. 

Around the house we have mostly been spending a lot of time working in the yard. Last week we planted boxwoods, hydrangeas, knock-out roses and a few others in front of the house...The back yard still looks like a cow pasture! The plants help the front of the house look a lot more finished and I even decked out the porch for Independence Day. The patriotic bunting made my heart happy. 

On the inside of the house, I have been trying to get things decorated and feeling more finished. I found the chairs below on Joss and Main and fell in love with them instantly. They were beautiful, except that they looked like midget chairs against our other furniture. Thankfully Joss and Main took them back, and I recently found new ones at World Market.  I will have to add a photo once I get them arranged. 

If you follow me on Instagram, a few months ago I posted about a $20 brass table that I had found at Goodwill.  When I saw it, I immediately knew it would be a great copy for a Brick Layers Table. I really love the way it turned out. It is also indestructible, which is perfect for the little Wreck it Ralph's at home. 

We also hung the barn doors in our bedroom. Our cabinet maker messed up the center panel on the one on the right.  We have difficulty getting him to even show up at this point, much less fix something... so it is what it is. 

Back to our trip to Louisiana, we were able to get out of town for a few days to see my family that lives there. We had such a great trip and I really enjoyed watching the boys play and be kids again. It feels like it has been ages since they have felt well. 
Brad took both of them fishing in my aunt's pond and even though they only caught a few tiny fish and a turtle, they had a great time!

You may have also noticed on the side bar that I have new links (although they are huge and can't be re-sized for some strange reason) for Rodan + Fields. If you have read my blog for long, you will know how I am pretty cheap, and really don't buy expensive products or makeup. Recently, a friend of mine became a Rodan +Fields consultant and I decided to treat myself to a 30th birthday present. After 2 weeks of using Redefine, my skin looks drastically better! I am such a believer I became a consultant late last week. If you are interested in knowing more, let me know! I would love to share!


TGIF! House Updates!

Happy Friday everyone! I have been really MIA the past few weeks but things have been busy trying to get settled in to our house. We are slowly finding all of our belongings and still trying to locate others. Our wedding album is still missing and I am getting a bit nervous that it is lost forever! 

We have been busy finishing up a few additional projects that we added into our restoration such as the built in shelves on the sides of the fireplace.

We also planked the wall above the fireplace to tie in with our other planked wall.

I am thrilled to finally have a closet! Excuse the mess, it still needs a bit of organization!
We decided after taking down our upper kitchen cabinets, that we actually preferred open shelves on this wall. We built these out of pine and brackets from Home Depot. I will take a less filtered version since this one came from my Instagram. The wood shelves really help to tie the floors and the black cabinetry together. The old cabinets are being reused in my laundry room, where we were lacking storage. 
 We have had a lot of helpers with our projects. Ike is a very hands on helper if you can't tell!
We have been using our front porch a lot more than I expected we would. It is nice and shady in the afternoons and the perfect spot to wind down. It is also a great spot for bike/ tricycle races.
The boys love to spend time out here, even first thing in the morning while wearing their PJ's and sunnies. Makes for a great way to start the day!

I hope to be able to post a few finished rooms soon, but so far there haven't been enough hours in the day for projects and decorating. I keep reminding myself that getting a house finished is a marathon and not a sprint! This weekend we are taking a break from the work and going out on the lake for my 30th birthday. Where has time gone and how in the heck am I already 30!? What happened to my twenties??? I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


Updates on life and our house

Sorry for the vow of silence lately, life has been crazy as I am sure most of you can relate. We recently wrapped up Keating's first year of T-Ball. Towards the end of the season he wasn't as excited about going to games and I knew his attention span had pretty much worn out when he started requesting to bring his dump trucks to his games. Thankfully he earned a trophy at the end of the season that has renewed his faith in baseball. He is debating if he wants to play again next year, but as of now he says he wants to play "golf ball"

We made a trip to Perdido Key, Florida over the Memorial Day weekend. I had been looking forward to this trip for oh so long... and sadly it was ruined by an awful stomach bug that Keating picked up on his last day of pre-school. It successfully took out 7 of 8 family members. We went home with all of our bottles of wine still full... if that doesn't say something about how awful it was then I don't know what does!

Thankfully we had a few nice moments on the beach.

We rented a boat on the bay one morning and set off exploring. The boy's favorite part was this old abandoned boat. I seriously got sick behind this boat right after this photo was taken. Miserable. Lola made the trip to the beach with us too. That dog was meant to be a beach dog!
 The weather was absolutely perfect, but I mostly enjoyed it from the balcony.

Thankfully when we got back, we arrived to finished floors in our house! This brings us one step closer to moving in! The house is actually move in ready now, but the first appointment we could get to have all of our belongings delivered was June 2nd. So as of June 2nd, we will be back in our own house! PRAISE JESUS!
The floors look truly amazing though! Hand scraped, wide planked and perfectly distressed. I. LOVE. THEM. 

That about sums it up for now. Can't wait to update once we are moved in! 


House Update

I finally have a good deal of progress to share on the home front! The past two weeks have been quite productive and we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. The sheet rock, trim, paint and brick have all been completed and the floors are going in at the end of the week. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have a home again! We are hoping to be back in at the end of the month. 
When we finished our house the first time, we planned on adding the planked walls to the kitchen and dining at a later date. It made sense to go ahead and have this done now while the cabinets were taken down and everything is being repainted.  
 I debated leaving the planks as natural wood because I liked them so much, but ultimately they would clash with our darker floors.

Here it is all pretty and painted!I love the contrast against the brick on the fireplace.
 Those two beautiful barn doors will be going in our bedroom for the closet and bathroom. We loved them so much in our old house, we wanted to include them again. 
I love the planked wall over the kitchen sink, I think this is my favorite part of the kitchen. 

That is all that I have for now, but it feels so great to have progress after all of the issues we were having with the lingering smoke damage and smells. 


5 on Friday

1. Have you seen the show Fixer Upper on HGTV? I am officially obsessed with this show and there have only been 2 episodes! The show is about renovators Joanna and Chip in Waco, TX. They help families find old run down houses and then renovate them to their true potential. The families choose between 3 prospective houses before deciding which house they plan to buy and have renovated. When watching, I was crossing my fingers that the family would choose this home. I think they got it for something crazy like $25,000! 

 Their own renovated farmhouse below is just as spectacular. Joanna speaks my decorating love language. I am now on the look out for an old super market sign. They also have a blog and store. 
2. Speaking of renovating, our own home is slowly but surely being pieced back together. This week the sheet rock was repaired. It makes a big difference having real walls again! The brick mason will be out this week to start working on the hearth and hopefully the trim and paint won't be far behind. 
3. It is that time again...Every year when the warm weather hits, I want lighter hair. These are two I am currently debating. They're really pretty similar, just a few shades off.

4. I have been attempting to give up sugar and it has been next to impossible because IT'S IN EVERYTHING! I have been hearing good things about the book below. Does anyone else have any good resources or recipes?? 
5. I am so happy that it is finally the weekend! The weather here is supposed to be gorgeous! I hope that everyone has a great weekend!


House update... sort of

I wanted to show a few updates of the house. Don't get your hopes up, because it looks way worse than the last ones that I showed y'all! As I mentioned last week, just as we were ready for the new drywall to be put up, we realized that there were still a few areas that really smelled. After getting approval from our insurance company, we had the ceilings in the kitchen and our master closet and part of the bathroom taken down. This is what it currently looks like. Today more smoke remediation will begin, and hopefully this will be the last time we have to deal with the stench. 

While we are waiting for progress and a place to live, I have been putting a lot of thought into window treatments. I need an outlet for my creative energy! We are still lacking something on the large window in our master bathroom. Drapes in bathrooms always throw me off, so I can't decide what to do here. 

I was debating long light panels to fall behind the tub like the photos below. Unfortunately, our window could not come down as close to the tub due to code restrictions. There is always the option of a roman shade, but I want something that would be open for the most part and closed for privacy. We don't really have neighbors in close proximity, so privacy isn't a huge issue. Any suggestions?